Displaying Slides

There are several ways to navigate from slide to slide when you're editing your presentation. The method you choose depends on what view is currently active and whether you prefer using the keyboard or the mouse.

Using the Keyboard

Table 22.1 lists keyboard navigation techniques you can use to display different slides in your presentation.

Table 22.1. Common PowerPoint Navigation Keys

Key Combination



Positions you back one slide at a time


Positions you forward one slide at a time


Positions you at the beginning of the presentation


Positions you at the end of the presentation


At times, you might find that you need to change the onscreen magnification of a slide. Magnification is commonly referred to as zoom . When you start working with the drawing tools or want to create speaker notes, the capability to zoom in and out of a slide is extremely important. To change the zoom options, follow these steps:

  1. Choose View, Zoom from the menu to open the Zoom dialog box.

  2. Select the appropriate zoom percentage, as shown in Figure 22.9.

    Figure 22.9. Selecting the zoom percentage in the Zoom dialog box.


  3. Click OK.

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