Gaining More Control Over Your Contacts

For the next few sections, you'll see an overview of the helpful contact features.

General Tab: Categorizing Your Contacts

At the bottom of the General tab of the New Contact form, there's a place to list categories applying to each contact. When you work on many different projects or with many groups of people, the category function is a great tool. Each contact can belong to any number of different groups or categories. As your Contacts database grows, you can filter your contacts by categories.

According to Microsoft, "A filter is an easy way to view only those items or files that meet conditions you specify."

When the Categories button is clicked in the Detailed Address Cards view, a checklist of available categories is displayed, as shown in Figure 16.3. You can use one of these categories or create your own categories by going into the Master Category List at the bottom of the list box and adding your own.

Figure 16.3. The Categories dialog box allows you to choose from predefined categories or create your own.


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