24 Watch Your Video in the Monitor

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The monitor is your miniature theatre, where you'll preview your movies, clips, special effects, and video transitions as you work with them. After you select a playable Movie Maker element, such as a clip or the start of a timeline location, that element's thumbnail image appears in the Monitor pane.

After the thumbnail appears, click Play to play the whole element from the beginning. Typical playback controls such as Fast Forward, Pause , and Stop all appear at the bottom of the Monitor pane.

  1. Click to Select an Item

    From the Contents pane, select any item. You can do this for video clips, audio clips, video transitions, or special effects that appear in the Contents pane.



    The monitor's Play button turns to Pause after you start playing a video element. Pause turns to Play when you pause the playback.

  2. Click Play in Monitor

    When you click Play , the selected item begins to play in the Monitor pane. The Play button turns to Pause so you can pause the playback if you want.

  3. Drag Seek Bar to Change Position



    Movie Maker uses its own background to demonstrate video transitions and effects that you play back.

    As you play back content, the seek bar moves to show the relative position within the playback process. You can drag the seek bar with your mouse to change the position of the playback. By dragging the seek bar slowly forward and backward, you can more accurately see minute changes take place in your video or transition.

  4. Click Stop

    To stop the playback, click Stop .

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Digital Video with Windows XP in a Snap
Digital Video with Windows XP in a Snap
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