25 Step Through Your Video One Frame at a Time

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24 Watch Your Video in the Monitor

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31 Play Your Video on the Storyboard

33 Watch a Clip

Whenever you play back content in your Monitor pane, you can watch the playback one frame at a time if you want. Doing so gives you the most detailed method for viewing every aspect of your video, transition, or special effect.

You cannot play back an audio item (such an audio file or audio clip) frame by frame and hear the playback. If you attempt to do so, Movie Maker moves the seek bar ahead one frame length, but does not play that portion of the item while doing so.

  1. Click to Select Item

    From the Contents pane, select any item. You can do this for video clips, audio clips, video transitions, or special effects that appear in the Contents pane.

  2. Click Next Frame

    When you click Next Frame , the seek bar moves right one frame length and the Monitor pane changes to display the next frame.

  3. Click Previous Frame



    At any point in the frame-by-frame playback, you can click Play to watch the regular playback to the end.

    You can click Previous Frame to move backward in the playback by a single frame.

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Digital Video with Windows XP in a Snap
Digital Video with Windows XP in a Snap
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