Chapter 5. Organizing Movie Maker Contents

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26 About Cataloging Your Videos

27 Find Your Videos Fast

28 About Movie Maker's Storyboard

29 Add Clips to the Storyboard

30 Delete Clips from the Storyboard

31 Play Your Video on the Storyboard

32 Rearrange the Storyboard

After you've planned, directed, and shot attention-getting raw video footage, you don your director's hat and begin to put your final movie together. Putting your movie together requires you to locate and organize your video files, arrange the clips into the final order in which they are to appear in your movie, and review your work along the way to ensure that your movie plays the way you want it to.

Some of your video production work won't even take place within the Movie Maker program. You'll manage much of your video collection in Windows. As you build a video library over time, your hard disk will begin to fill with video files. By using the tools available to you inside Movie Maker, such as filling out the Project Properties specifics when you import videos, you can begin to manage your video files outside of Movie Maker using Windows tools to locate and organize videos so your video library is easy to work within.

One place where you'll spend a lot of time working in Movie Maker is the storyboard. The storyboard is where your movie's layout begins to take shape.

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