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You don't have to start Movie Maker to view a project file's properties. When in Windows Explorer, you can right-click on a project file and select Properties , and then click the Summary tab to view the project's properties.

Once in Windows Explorer, browse to your Movie Maker project files and select View, Details to display a project's properties. After selecting View, Choose Details , click to select Author, Title , and any other information you want to see in Windows Explorer for your Movie Maker project files. When you click OK , your Explorer screen displays all the details so you can more easily locate a specific project, or sort them by author, date, or title by clicking at the top of any column.

The Summary page of your project file's Properties dialog box lists some of your project's details.


If you rest your mouse over a project file while in Windows Explorer, Explorer displays a detail window that describes the project.


Windows Explorer can display the properties from all of your Movie Maker projects.

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Digital Video with Windows XP in a Snap
Digital Video with Windows XP in a Snap
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