27 Find Your Videos Fast

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27 Find Your Videos Fast

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Windows contains a powerful search feature you can use to locate video files quickly. As hard disks get larger, your computer's storage system can hold many videos.

After you locate a video file you want to view or import into Movie Maker, double-click it to watch it on your screen and verify that it's the file you truly want to use. Windows Media Player opens and plays the file as soon as you double-click the filename in the Search Results window. If you've assigned another media playing program to play video files, that program will open instead of Windows Media Player.

  1. Click Start

    From the Windows desktop, click the Start button. The Start menu appears.

  2. Select Search

    Click the Search option to open the Search Results window.

  3. Click to Search for Files

    Click Pictures, music, or video so Windows doesn't bother looking for unwanted files, such as Word document files.



    You can use the Search Results window to look for Movie Maker project files: Instead of clicking the Pictures, music, or video option, click All files and folders . Type *.MSWMM to limit your search to Movie Maker project files.

  4. Click Video

    Click to select the Video option to further refine the search to video files only.

  5. Type Filename

    Enter the filename you want to search for. You do not have to enter a filename extension.

  6. Click Search

    When you click the Search button, Windows begins its search. The items located that match the filename appear. The Search function will search for your search term in all or part of the filename; therefore, if your search term is summer , Windows locates summer.wmv, summer.avi, summerFun.wmv , and summertime.wmv if all four files are located on your disk drive. Depending on the Explorer options you currently have set in Windows, you might see thumbnails of your videos or a detailed description of the file.

  7. Double-Click to Watch Video

    After locating the video you want to see, double-click its filename to play the video.



    If you search for a Movie Maker project file, Movie Maker opens and automatically loads that project into its workspace.

  8. Click to Close

    You can close the Search Results window by clicking its Close button.

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Digital Video with Windows XP in a Snap
Digital Video with Windows XP in a Snap
ISBN: 0672325691
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 169
Authors: Greg Perry

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