28 About Movie Maker s Storyboard

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28 About Movie Maker's Storyboard

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Even the biggest producers in Hollywood use storyboarding techniques to plan their movies. Why shouldn't you?

The Movie Maker storyboard works like a bulletin board system, with unlimited size and unlimited pins for you to place scenes from your movies, stored as clips. You'll drag clips from your Contents pane to the storyboard, and as you do so, you are actually arranging the scenes in your movie.

The storyboard shows the order of your clips' playback, as well as any transitions and special effects you add.




Storyboarding ” Laying out sketches or paintings of proposed movie scenes to plan and develop the sequence of events.



If you see a timeline instead of the storyboard (the timeline has a sequence of time intervals across the top), click the Show Storyboard button to display the storyboard.

The storyboard shows your movie's ordering of clips, and you can easily rearrange the order of clips on your storyboard ( see 32 Rearrange the Storyboard ). The storyboard does not indicate how long each clip will play ”only the sequence of clips. With the storyboard, you can review and arrange the order of events that take place in your movie. When you add clips to your storyboard, you're adding them to your final movie, although you can always remove them if you later decide you don't want them. When you do create your final movie file ( see 85 Start the Save Movie Wizard ), only the clips on the storyboard will end up in your production.

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