Chapter16.Administering an ISA Server 2004 Environment

Chapter 16. Administering an ISA Server 2004 Environment


  • Defining the Role of the ISA Administrator

  • Deploying a Role-Based Access Control Model for ISA Server 2004

  • Delegating and Customizing Administrative Access to the ISA Console

  • Administering an ISA Server Remotely

  • Working with ISA Server 2004 Lockdown Mode

  • Performing Advanced ISA Administration

  • Summary

  • Best Practices

The day-to-day operations of an ISA Server 2004 environment are not complex. This said, it is still important to use best practice techniques to properly maintain, monitor, and administer ISA Server. Fortunately, administration is secured and simplified in ISA Server 2004, allowing for the use of predefined admin roles, customized ISA console access, and wizards that simplify common tasks.

This chapter focuses on defining the role of the ISA Administrator and outlining the particular tools that are available to ease in the administration of ISA itself. Best practice approaches to administering the security and rules of an ISA server are outlined, and step-by-step procedures outlining particular administrative tasks are detailed.

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