Sample EffectBrightnessContrast

Sample Effect”Brightness/Contrast

When you use an effect in iMovie, you choose a clip, such as the one in Figure 15.19, and decide you want to do something to it. In this case, we have a video clip in which we can see that the picture came out a bit dark.

Figure 15.19. A dark clip before the Brightness/Contrast effect is applied.


But with a bit of tweaking, using the Brightness/Contrast controls, we can improve the clip so that you can see the subject a bit better (see Figure 15.20).

Figure 15.20. The clip after the Brightness/Contrast effect is applied.



Because they can be so simple to add, it can be very easy to overdo effects, making things so "affected" that they look worse than when you began . So, if you want to preserve the quality of the video, you have to keep things somewhat balanced by not going overboard and using the most extreme settings in each effect.

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