From ASICs to SOCs: A Practical Approach
By Farzad Nekoogar Farak Nekooga
Publisher : Prentice Hall PTR
Pub Date : May 28, 2003
ISBN : 0-13-033857-5

    Prentice Hall Modern Semiconductor Design Series
    About Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference
    List of Abbreviations
    Chapter 1.  Introduction
      Section 1.1.  Introduction
      Section 1.2.  Voice Over IP SOC
      Section 1.3.  Intellectual Property
      Section 1.4.  SOC Design Challenges
      Section 1.5.  Design Methodology
      Section 1.6.  Summary
      Section 1.7.  References
    Chapter 2.  Overview of ASICs
      Section 2.1.  Introduction
      Section 2.2.  Methodology and Design Flow
      Section 2.3.  FPGA to ASIC Conversion
      Section 2.4.  Verification
      Section 2.5.  Summary
      Section 2.6.  References
    Chapter 3.  SOC Design and Verification
      Section 3.1.  Introduction
      Section 3.2.  Design for Integration
      Section 3.3.  SOC Verification
      Section 3.4.  Set-Top-Box SOC
      Section 3.5.  Set-Top-Box SOC Example
      Section 3.6.  Summary
      Section 3.7.  References
    Chapter 4.  Physical Design
      Section 4.1.  Introduction
      Section 4.2.  Overview of Physical Design Flow
      Section 4.3.  Some Tips and Guidelines for Physical Design
      Section 4.4.  Modern Physical Design Techniques
      Section 4.5.  Summary
      Section 4.6.  References
    Chapter 5.  Low-Power Design
      Section 5.1.  Introduction
      Section 5.2.  Power Dissipation
      Section 5.3.  Low-Power Design Techniques and Methodologies
      Section 5.4.  Low-Power Design Tools
      Section 5.5.  Tips and Guidelines for Low-Power Design
      Section 5.6.  Summary
      Section 5.7.  References
    Appendix A.  Low-Power Design Tools
      PowerTheater Analyst
      PowerTheater Designer
    Appendix B.  Open Core Protocol (OCP)
      Key Features
    Appendix C.  Phase-Locked Loops (PLLs)
      PLL Basics
      PLL Ideal Behavior
      PLL Errors


From ASICs to SOCs. A Practical Approach
From ASICs to SOCs: A Practical Approach
ISBN: 0130338575
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 61

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