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Collage is one of Picasa's most interesting features. You can use it to combine multiple images into a picture pile (Polaroid-style photos) or a multiple exposure (one picture superimposed over another), for example.

Picture Pile example

Select the pictures from which you want to create a collage, adding them to the Picture Tray.

Choose a collage style from the Type pop-up menu: Picture Pile, Picture Grid, Contact Sheet, or Multi-Exposure.

Choose a background color or image from the Options pop-up menu.

Optional: To specify where to store the resulting collage (different from the proposed location), choose a folder from the Location pop-up menu.

To pick a folder other than those listed in the Location menu, choose Choose a Folder and then click the Choose button.

Click Create. The collage is created and stored in the specified location on disk.

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