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save image as Desktop p. 108

  • After creating a Picasabackground file, you can change the way it's displayed by choosing a different Position option (such as Stretch or Center) in the Display Properties dialog box.

create a screen saver p. 109

  • When selecting images for a screen saver, you'll probably prefer to use larger pictures that fill the screen. Smaller or cropped photos will be surrounded by black bands.

  • To replace the Picasa screensaver with a new one, delete all images in the Screensaver folder and then perform the same steps using a new set of photos.

  • If you later want to restore your previous screen saver or select a new one, open the Display control panel, click the Screen Saver tab, select a screen saver, click Apply, and then click OK.

make a movie p. 110

  • Unless a movie will contain many pictures, set the Delay between pictures to a high number, such as 4 or 5 seconds. Smaller numbers will cause the images to quickly disappear offscreen.

  • Experiment with the listed codecs until you find one that gives you consistently good results; that is, a small movie (in KB) with clear images. Note, however, that the ability of others to view the movie depends on them having the same codec installed on their computer.

  • There's no Picasa option to name a movie. To change a movie's name, right-click its Windows file icon, choose Rename, and edit the name. Click a blank area of the Desktop when finished.

create a poster p. 112

  • Larger, high-resolution photos will result in better posters than smaller, low-resolution photos.

  • The greater the enlargement percentage you choose, the more images/pages will result.

make a collage p. 113

  • To create a new Desktop from a collage, choose Save as Desktop Picture from the Location pop-up menu and click Create. Click Yes in the Confirm dialog box that appears.

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