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Hello is a dedicated chat and picture-sharing program that you can optionally install if you want to swap photos with your relatives, friends, and colleagues.

Open your Web browser (Internet Explorer, for example). In the browser's Address box, type to go to the Hello home page.

Click the Download or Download Now button to go to the Hello: Signup and Download page.

You must register in order to use Hello. Scroll down to the Sign up area. Enter a user name of your choosing, a password, and an email address at which you can be contacted. Click the Submit button to continue.

If the user name is already in use, you'll be asked to select another name. Otherwise, the user name is assigned to you and the download begins.

The setup program launches. On the License Agreement screen, click I Agree.

On the Choose Install Location screen (refer to page 5), specify the hard disk folder in which to install Hello. To accept the proposed (default) folder, click Install. To specify a different folder or to create a new folder, click Browse, select a folder, and then click Install.

On the final screen, set any desired options and click Finish.

Run Hello when Windows Starts. Launch Hello at the start of every computing session. (This option is helpful if you're a regular Hello user. Otherwise, remove the check mark.)

Create Shortcut on Desktop. Add a Hello shortcut icon to the Desktop.

Add Shortcut to QuickLaunch. Add a Hello icon to the right of the Start button.

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