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Solving a problem is more challenging than recognizing a solution. There are answers to some problems in the back of the book, but you'll learn more if you try the problems before peeking at the answers. If you work through the problems, you'll probably even find that you disagree with me on some answers. That will be more fun for all of us than if you just look at my answers and nod.

I think it's more fun to work with others (either a partner or in a small group ), but I recognize that isn't always possible.

The later (longer) examples need to be done at a computer. Looking for problems, and figuring out how to solve them, is different when you're looking at a program in your environment.

Refactoring Workbook
Refactoring Workbook
ISBN: 0321109295
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 146

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