place the Savings fields

Next, we'll place the fields and labels on the four tab panels.

We'll edit the labels before placing the fields on the Savings tab panel. Scroll to the fields and use the Text Tool to delete the Sav_ from the Sav_Institution and Sav_Initial Balance field labels. Change Sav_Savings Account to Account #. After editing the labels, reduce each one's width as needed by selecting a left handle and dragging to the right.

Because the default fields are often far too wide, it will be easier to place them on the layout if we first resize them. Select the Sav_Institution and Sav_Savings Account field, and use the Size palette to set them to a width of 1.431".

Select the Sav_Institution field, and use the Size palette to determine its distance from the top of the layout. Set the Sav_Initial Balance field and label to match.

Note: The Current Balance field and portal shown on page 23 will be added to this tab panel after we create the related table to store our savings/money market transactions.

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Creating a Database in FileMaker Pro 8: Visual QuickProject Guide
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