place the Stock fields

Next, we'll place fields and labels on the Stock/Mutual Fund tab panel.

Use the Text Tool to delete the Stk_ prefix from all the stock-related fields. In addition, change the field label for Stk_Account Number to Account #, Stk_Number of Shares to # Shares, Stk_Current Share Price to Current Price, and Stk_New Date to Price Date.

Set the Stk_Brokerage Firm and Stk_Account Number fields to a width of 2.097".

Set the Stk_Broker and Stk_Phone fields to a width of 1.597".

Set the Stk_Purchase Date, Stk_Number of Shares, Stk_Price Per Share, Stk_Current Share Price, and Stk_New Date fields to a width of 0.931".

Set the Stk_Commission and Stk_Total Cost fields to a width of 1.097".

Click the Stock/Mutual fund tab to make it active.

As shown on the next page, drag the following fields and labels into the next section of the tab: Stk_Purchase Date, Stk_Number of Shares, Stk_Price Per Share, Stk_Commission, and Stk_Total Cost.

Select the line that's above the section, choose Edit > Copy (/), and then choose Edit > Paste (/) to create a duplicate of the line. Drag the duplicate line into position beneath the current section. Use the Size palette to ensure it is the same distance from the left edge as the original line.

Here's the Stock/Mututal Fund tab panel with the first two sections completed.

Place the Stk_Current Share Price and Stk_New Date fields and labels in the next section, followed by another duplicate of the 1 pt. black divider line.

Using the Size palette, ensure that the right edges of all labels in the same column align with one another, as well as the left edges of all fields in a column. Similarly, the tops of all labels and fields in a row should align with one another.

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Creating a Database in FileMaker Pro 8: Visual QuickProject Guide
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