7.6. Sales Inquiries

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Yoyodyne makes some of the most popular rockets in the world. They get inquiries from governments and corporations around the world. They also get a lot of email from crackpots. The sales team uses RT to make sure that no legitimate sales inquiry gets lost.

7.6.1. Custom Fields

The sales team started out tagging each inquiry with a custom field for metrics purposes, but it quickly discovered that the vast majority of initial inbound sales inquiries were simple requests for literature and the cute rocket toys that they give away at tradeshows. Rather than spend energy categorizing these requests, Yoyodyne has an intern who mines the inbound inquiries for new sales leads each week and moves likely candidates to a Sales Leads queue for senior salespeople to view.

7.6.2. Groups

Yoyodyne's RT administrators created a single group called Salesforce and made every salesperson and sales intern a member of that group.

7.6.3. ACLs

To make sure that any potential customer can inquire about buying rockets, The Everyone group is granted the following rights:

     SeeQueue     CreateTicket     ReplyToTicket 

The Salesforce group has the following rights:

     TakeTicket     ShowTicket     ShowTicketComments     OwnTicket     ModifyTicket     Watch     WatchAsAdminCc     ShowOutgoingEmail     StealTicket     ReplyToTicket 

7.6.4. Templates

To make sure that Yoyodyne presents the right impression to possible customers, the sales team crafted a custom Sales Autoreply template that answers some of the most frequent questions about buying rockets from Yoyodyne.

7.6.5. Scrips

The Sales Inquiries queue gets a lot of mail. A basic set of scrips makes sure that potential customers get mail sent by Yoyodyne. Yoyodyne interns who own a given inquiry also get mail any time a potential customer writes back. Due to the volume of initial inquiries, there's no scrip to notify Yoyodyne staff on ticket creation; interns pick up new tickets from the web interface. The scrips in the Sales Inquiries are listed in Table 7-6.

Table 7-6. Sales Inquiries scrips




On Create

Autoreply to Requestors

Sales Autoreply

On Correspond

Notify Requestors and Ccs


On Correspond

Notify Owner

Admin Correspondence

On Comment

Notify Owner

Admin Comment

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