7.7. Human Resources

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As the premiere creator of rocket engines in the world, Yoyodyne's HR department is under a constant barrage of resumes from job applicants. Each resume comes to resumes@yoyodynepropulsion.com and gets a prompt autoreply thanking the applicant for their interest in the rocket propulsion industry. Behind the scenes, an intern in the HR department does a first pass through incoming resumes, looking for resumes that either match currently open job postings or that are clearly not up to Yoyodyne's high standards. Resumes matching an existing posting are given to the hiring manager for that posting for review. If a resume doesn't merit further consideration, its status is set to rejected.

Due to the sheer number of resumes that are submitted to Yoyodyne each week, the Resumes queue doesn't ever email Yoyodyne staff.

7.7.1. Groups

The HR department maintains two groups for their Resumes queue. The HR Team group includes all members of the HR team. The Hiring Managers group includes all of the hiring managers.

7.7.2. ACLs

In order for potential new hires to submit their resumes to Yoyodyne, it's important to grant the Everyone group the following ACL rights:

     CreateTicket     ReplyToTicket 

The HR Team is allowed to work their magic on any resume that comes in, so they all need to have at least the following ACL rights:

     CommentOnTicket     CreateTicket     DeleteTicket     ModifyTicket     OwnTicket     ReplyToTicket     SeeQueue     ShowOutgoingEmail     ShowTicket     ShowTicketComments     ShowTicketHistory     StealTicket     TakeTicket     Watch     WatchAsAdminCc 

Hiring managers are allowed to own individual resumes, but they aren't allowed to look through incoming resumes on their own, so they need to have a minimal set of ACLs:

     OwnTicket     SeeQueue 

Once individual hiring managers have been made the owner of an individual resume, they're allowed to comment on the resume and otherwise update the ticket, so their ACLs are extended to include:

     CommentOnTicket     ModifyTicket     ReplyToTicket     ShowOutgoingEmail     ShowTicket     ShowTicketComments     ShowTicketHistory     Watch     WatchAsAdminCc 

7.7.3. Templates

Yoyodyne's HR department created a simple Resume Autoreply template which essentially reads:

     Thanks for sending us your resume.           We've received it and are trying to find you a great job here. Don't     call us. We'll call you. 

7.7.4. Scrips

Because the Resumes queue is designed not to send much mail, only the single scrip in Table 7-7 is needed.

Table 7-7. Resumes scrip




On Create

AutoReply to Requestors

Resume Autoreply

This scrip uses the template that the HR department created above to reassure job applicants that their resume didn't get lost in the mail.

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