7.5. Emergency Support

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Like every product ever built by any company, sometimes customers have critical issues with Yoyodyne rockets they need solved right now, no matter what time of day or night it is. Yoyodyne uses RT to make sure that the right people get paged when a customer reports an issue by email or phone. (Yoyodyne's RT administrators set up their voicemail system to email RT a copy of any message left in an emergency voicemail box.)

Using an Emergency Support queue gives the staff handling an urgent customer issue a central repository to store important data while they dig into and resolve the problem. Once the customer's rocket is back on course, Yoyodyne's managment staff has an accurate record of how long it took their staff to respond and how quickly they managed to help the customer resolve the issue.

7.5.1. Templates

Yoyodyne's RT administrators created the following custom Emergency Pager template to send email to the emergency-response staff. It also pages whichever team member is unlucky enough to have the on-call pager when the new ticket comes in.

     To: support-emergency-pager@yoyodynepropulsion.com     Subject: 911 - Ticket { $Ticket->Id(  ) }           A new emergency ticket has been opened. Time to get to work! 

7.5.2. Groups

To make sure that all customer service reps and engineers who deal with customer service get notified on just about any update to a ticket about a support emergency, Yoyodyne made the Customer Service Reps and Customer Service Engineers AdminCcs for the Emergency Support Queue.

7.5.3. Scrips

Emergency Support is configured the same as the regular support queue. It adds one scrip, the first row in Table 7-5, to page the on-call support engineer.

Table 7-5. Emergency Support scrips




On Create

Notify AdminCcs

Emergency Pager

On Create

Autoreply to Requestors


On Correspond

Notify Requestors and Ccs


On Correspond

Notify AdminCcs

Admin Correspondence

On Comment

Notify AdminCcs

Admin Comment

On Owner Change

Notify Owner


7.5.4. ACLs

The Everyone group is granted certain rights to the emergency support queue to make sure that a customer reporting an emergency issue never gets a "Permission Denied" error. This means that occasionally a bit of spam or a non-customer sends email to the emergency support queue, but it's worth it to make sure that Yoyodyne never misses a customer emergency. The Everyone group has the following rights:

     CreateTicket     ReplyToTicket 

The Customer Service Reps and Customer Service Engineers groups are granted full power to manage tickets in the Emergency Support queue with the following rights:

     CommentOnTicket     CreateTicket     DeleteTicket     ModifyTicket     OwnTicket     ReplyToTicket     SeeQueue     ShowOutgoingEmail     ShowTicket     ShowTicketComments     ShowTicketHistory     StealTicket     TakeTicket     Watch     WatchAsAdminCc 

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