List of Tables

Chapter 1: Critical First Steps

Table 1-1: The Most Common Hardware Failures

Chapter 2: Hardening Network Access: Disable Unnecessary Services

Table 2-1: Runlevels
Table 2-2: Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 3.0 Services Baseline
Table 2-3: SLES8 Services Baseline
Table 2-4: Services and Their Purposes
Table 2-5: Services and Dependencies Part 1
Table 2-6: Services and Dependencies Part 2
Table 2-7: Tools for Altering init Scripts and the Distributions in Which They Occur

Chapter 3: Installing Firewalls and Filters

Table 3-1: hosts.allow and hosts .deny Entry Types
Table 3-2: TCP Wrappers Wildcards
Table 3-3: TCP Wrapper Expansions
Table 3-4: Firewall Interface Access Policy Guidelines

Chapter 4: Hardening Software Accessibility

Table 4-1: RPM Options

Chapter 6: Hardening Access Controls

Table 6-1: Permission Mode Descriptions
Table 6-2: File Permission Modes for /etc/passwd
Table 6-3: Special File Permissions
Table 6-4: Special Directory Permissions

Chapter 9: Restricted Execution Environments

Table 9-1: Important spec Tags
Table 9-2: Important spec File Macro Definitions
Table 9-3: Important spec File Instructions

Chapter 10: Hardening Communications

Table 10-1: Protocol Comparison

Chapter 11: Install Network Monitoring Software

Table 11-1: ngrep Options
Table 11-2: ngrep Qualifiers
Table 11-3: Analysis of ngrep Output
Table 11-4: tcpdump Command Line Options
Table 11-5: tcpdump Qualifiers
Table 11-6: tcpdump Output Dissected
Table 11-7: Snort Packet Dump Overview
Table 11-8: Snort.conf configuration variables

Chapter 12: Automatic Logfile Scanning

Table 12-1: Selector Components
Table 12-2: Priorities
Table 12-3: logsurfer Fields
Table 12-4: logsurfer Actions

Chapter 13: Patch Management and Monitoring

Table 13-1: YaST2 Patch Groups
Table 13-2: up2date Options

Chapter 14: Self-Monitoring Tools

Table 14-1: rpm -Va Output Meaning

Chapter 15: Budget Acquisition and Corporate Commitment to Security

Table 15-1: Sample Prioritization Chart

Chapter 16: Establishing a Security Campaign

Table 16-1: Information Security Standards
Table 16-2: Policy Review Table
Table 16-3: Parallels for Home and Corporate Security

Hardening Linux
Hardening Linux
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