Instructors and Students Supplements

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Instructors' and Students' Supplements

For the Instructor:

  • Excel Homework SolutionsIn addition to the printed Instructor's Solutions Manual, almost every end-of-chapter homework and case problem in this text has a corresponding Excel solution file for the instructor. This new edition includes 720 end-of-chapter homework problems and Excel solutions are provided for all but a few of them. Excel solutions are also provided for 50 of the 52 end-of-chapter case problems. These solution files can be accessed from the Instructor's Resource CD-ROM, as shown in the illustration below. These Excel files also include those homework and case problem solutions using TreePlan (from Chapter 12) and those using Crystal Ball (from Chapters 14). In addition, Microsoft Project solution files are available for homework problems in Chapter 8. These solution files are not available on the student CD-ROM that accompanies the text, but instructors can electronically post these solutions for their students to access or download directly to their computers.

  • PowerPoint PresentationsPowerPoint presentations are available for every chapter to enhance lectures. They feature figures, tables, Excel, and main points from the text. They are available on the text Web site or on the Instructor's CD-ROM.

  • Instructor's Solutions ManualThe instructor's Solutions Manual contains detailed solutions for all end-of-chapter exercises and cases. In addition to a printed solutions manual, these solutions are provided electronically on the text's Web site and on a separate Instructor's CD-ROM in PDF format.

  • Test Item FileThe test item file contains a variety of true/false, multiple choice, and problem solving questions for each chapter.

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  • Instructor's CD-ROMThis separate CD-ROM for instructors only contains the following:

    • All of the print supplements listed above, in electronic form.

    • Electronic files for all of the example problem exhibits.

    • Electronic files (with solutions) for almost all of the end-of-chapter homework problems and cases. These files include solutions that use Excel, QM for Windows, Crystal Ball and TreePlan.

    • All of the files and software programs on the students' CD-ROM.

    • The TestGen software described below.

  • Companion Web siteThis Web site, at contains all of the supplements listed above (Instructor's Solutions Manual, PowerPoint slides, Test Item File) in electronic form and available for download.

TestGen Software

The print Test Item Files are designed for use with the TestGen test generating software. This computerized package allows instructors to custom design, save, and generate classroom tests. This software allows for greater flexibility and ease of use. It provides many options for organizing and displaying tests, along with a search and sort feature.

For the Student:

  • Student CD-ROMA CD-ROM is packaged with every copy of this book. This CD-ROM contains the following software packages: Premium Solver for Education, Crystal Ball Professional Textbook/Student Edition, TreePlan and Excel QM. Also on the CD-ROM are Excel, Crystal Ball, TreePlan, QM for Windows, and Microsoft Project files for the examples in the text.

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