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As we indicated previously when talking about the new features in this edition, Chapter 8 on Project Management focuses on the popular software package, Microsoft Project , which is available to users of this text. Following is an example of one of the Microsoft Project files (from Chapter 8) that is available on the text CD-ROM.

New Problems and Cases

Previous editions of the text always provided a substantial number of homework questions, problems, and cases to offer students practice. This edition includes over 720 homework problems, 30 of which are new, and 52 end-of-chapter cases, 4 of which are new. In addition, four additional spreadsheet modeling cases are provided on this text's Web page, which can be accessed at

Management Science Applications Boxes

These boxes are located in every chapter in the text. They describe how a company, organization, or agency uses the particular management science technique being presented and demonstrated in the chapter to compete in a global environment. There are 50 of these boxes, 16 of which are new, throughout the text and they encompass a broad range of business and public sector applications, both foreign and domestic.

Marginal Notes

Notes are included in the margins that serve the same basic function as notes that students themselves might write in the margin. They highlight certain topics to make it easier for the student to locate them, they summarize topics and important points, and they provide brief definitions of key terms and concepts.


The primary means of teaching the various quantitative modeling techniques presented in this text is through examples. Thus, examples are liberally inserted throughout the text, primarily to demonstrate how problems are solved with the different quantitative techniques and to make them easier to understand. These examples are organized in a logical step-by-step solution approach that the student can subsequently apply to the homework problems.

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Solved Example Problems

At the end of each chapter, just prior to the homework questions and problems, there is a section with solved examples to serve as a guide for doing the homework problems. These examples are solved in a detailed, step-by-step fashion.

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