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As with any large project, the revision of a textbook is not accomplished without the help of many people. The ninth edition of this book is no exception, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who have contributed to its preparation. First, I would like to thank my friend and colleague, Larry Moore, for his help in developing the organization and approach of the original edition of this book and for his many suggestions during its revisions. We spent many hours discussing what an introductory text in management science should contain, and his ideas appear in these pages. Larry also served as a sounding board for many ideas regarding content, design, and preparation, and he read and edited many portions of the text, for which I am very grateful. I also thank the reviewers of this edition: Dr. B. S. Bal, Dewey Hemphill, David A. Larson, Sr., Christopher M. Rump, Dothang Truong, Hulya Julie Yazici, and Ding Zhang.

I remain indebted to the reviewers of the previous editions: Nagraj Balakrishnan, Edward M. Barrow, Ali Behnezhad, Weldon J. Bowling, Rod Carlson, Petros Christofi, Yar M. Ebadi, Richard Ehrhardt, Warren W. Fisher, James Flynn, Wade Furgeson, Soumen Ghosh, James C. Goodwin Jr., Richard Gunther, Ann Hughes, Shivaji Khade, Shao-ju Lee, Robert L. Ludke, Peter A. Lyew, Robert D. Lynch, Dinesh Manocha, Mildred Massey, Abdel-Aziz Mohamed, Thomas J. Nolan, Susan W. Palocsay, David W. Pentico, Cindy Randall, Roger Schoenfeldt, Charles H. Smith, Lisa Sokol, John Wang, and Barry Wray.

I am also very grateful to Tracy McCoy at Virginia Tech for her typing and editorial assistance. I would like to thank my production editor, Denise Culhane at Prentice Hall, for her valuable assistance and patience. I would also like to thank the text's accuracy checker, Annie Puciloski, for her diligence and thoroughness. Finally, I would like to thank my editor, Alana Bradley at Prentice Hall, for her continual help and patience.

Introduction to Management Science
Introduction to Management Science (10th Edition)
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Year: 2006
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