Date Handling

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SQL is capable of handling just about any date calculation. The hacks in this chapter show how to get dates into your database, and how to get weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports out with a minimum of human intervention.

In many of the hacks described here, the reports are generated using the current date; however, it is usually a simple matter to use a user-specified parameter instead [Hack #58].

There are inconsistencies among the main database vendors regarding dates. For most of the hacks in this chapter, we used MySQL as the base example and we've shown the variations for SQL Server, Access, Oracle, and PostgreSQL.

You should be aware that the database system might be running on a system having a different time zone than the system your applications run on (perhaps your web server is in New York and your database server is in Chicago). To minimize clock and time zone discrepancies, you should use CURRENT_TIMESTAMP to generate times whenever possible.

SQL Fundamentals

Joins, Unions, and Views

Text Handling

Date Handling

Number Crunching

Online Applications

Organizing Data

Storing Small Amounts of Data

Locking and Performance


Users and Administration

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