Chapter 1. Management Science

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Management science is the application of a scientific approach to solving management problems in order to help managers make better decisions. As implied by this definition, management science encompasses a number of mathematically oriented techniques that have either been developed within the field of management science or been adapted from other disciplines, such as the natural sciences, mathematics, statistics, and engineering. This text provides an introduction to the techniques that make up management science and demonstrates their applications to management problems.

Management science is a recognized and established discipline in business. The applications of management science techniques are widespread, and they have been frequently credited with increasing the efficiency and productivity of business firms. In various surveys of businesses, many indicate that they use management science techniques, and most rate the results to be very good. Management science (also referred to as operations research, quantitative methods , quantitative analysis, and decision sciences ) is part of the fundamental curriculum of most programs in business.

Management science is a scientific approach to solving management problems .

As you proceed through the various management science models and techniques contained in this text, you should remember several things. First, most of the examples presented in this text are for business organizations because businesses represent the main users of management science. However, management science techniques can be applied to solve problems in different types of organizations, including services, government, military, business and industry, and health care.

Management science can be used in a variety of organizations to solve many different types of problems .

Second, in this text all of the modeling techniques and solution methods are mathematically based. In some instances the manual, mathematical solution approach is shown because it helps to understand how the modeling techniques are applied to different problems. However, a computer solution is possible for each of the modeling techniques in this text, and in many cases the computer solution is emphasized . The more detailed mathematical solution procedures for many of the modeling techniques are included as supplemental modules on the CD that accompanies this text.

Finally, as the various management science techniques are presented, keep in mind that management science is more than just a collection of techniques. Management science also involves the philosophy of approaching a problem in a logical manner (i.e., a scientific approach). The logical, consistent, and systematic approach to problem solving can be as useful (and valuable ) as the knowledge of the mechanics of the mathematical techniques themselves . This understanding is especially important for those readers who do not always see the immediate benefit of studying mathematically oriented disciplines such as management science.

Management science encompasses a logical approach to problem solving .

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