The Administrators snapshot enables you to create new administrators, edit administrator attributes, and delete administrators.

The main administrator is always called "Administrator." This cannot be changed or renamed. However, you can change the password.

To create a new administrator:


Click on New in the Administrator snapshot title bar.


The Add New Administrator dialog appears on the screen (see Figure 6.1).

Figure 6.1. Add New Administrator dialog box.


Enter the administrator name and password, retype the password, and click OK.


You can change the administrator password later by clicking on the name of the administrator, and then clicking on Change Password at the top of the navigation bar on the left side of the screen.

After you have created an administrator, you can further configure the administrator by clicking on the name. This takes you to the Administrator Configuration view (see Figure 6.2).

Figure 6.2. Administrator Configuration view in the ZENworks Control Center.

In this view you can

  • Allow the creation of other administrators

  • Allow the modification of Zone Settings

  • Assign Bundle Rights

  • Assign Device Rights

  • Assign Policy Rights

  • Assign Report Rights

To assign rights for Bundles, Devices, Policies, or Reports, follow these steps:


Click on Add in the title bar of the rights you want to change.


The Add Rights Folder dialog appears (see Figure 6.3).

Figure 6.3. Add Rights Folder dialog box.


Browse to the folder you want to modify.


Choose the rights you want to assign (All, Modify, View).


Click OK to add the rights.

You can also rename or change the password of an administrator by following these steps:


Click on Advanced in the Administrators title bar.


Mark the check box next to the administrator you want to edit. The options for New and Delete become active.


Click the Edit drop-down list.


Choose Rename.


Enter the new name for the administrator in the Rename Administrator dialog box.


Click OK to make the change.

To delete an administrator, mark the check box next to the administrator, or check multiple boxes if you want to delete more than one. Then click Delete in the title bar.

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