Management Zone Settings

The main part of the configuration page is the Management Zone Settings snapshot. These settings drive the behavior of the Management Zone. The Management Zone is the back end ZENworks servers and all the devices that are connected to those servers. You can read more about architecture in Chapter 2, "Understanding ZENworks Linux Management."

Within the Management Zone Settings snapshot, you can configure

  • System Variables

  • Refresh Schedules

  • Device Inventory

  • Local Device Logging

  • Preboot Services

  • Remote Management

  • Centralized Message Logging

  • Content Replication Schedule

  • Platforms

You can easily determine whether or not an option is configured by looking at the Is Configured column on the far right of the snapshot. If an option is configured, the status is Yes.

System Variables

System variables allow you to apply variables to all the managed devices.

To change the System Variables, follow these steps:


Click on System Variables in the Management Zone Settings snapshot. The System Variables page appears (see Figure 6.4).

Figure 6.4. System Variables settings page.


Click Add to create a new variable. The Add Variable dialog box appears (see Figure 6.5).

Figure 6.5. Add Variable dialog box.


Enter the name for your variable and the value.


Click OK to add the new variable.

You can also edit a variable:


Check the box next to the variable you want to edit.


Click on Edit.


Make necessary changes.


Click OK.

To remove a variable or variables, follow this procedure:


Check the box next to the variable or check multiple boxes.


Click on Remove.

Refresh Schedules

This setting allows you to configure how often, or the intervals, to refresh policies and settings for the Management Zone. Determining the right value to set depends on the amount of devices, speed of your network, and the importance of delivering policies within the Management Zone. We recommend that you leave this setting as the default unless you are experiencing high traffic or poor performance on your network.

To change the Refresh Schedules, take these steps:


Click on Refresh Schedules in the Management Zone Settings snapshot.


The Refresh Schedules content view appears (see Figure 6.6).

Figure 6.6. Refresh Schedules content view.


Enter the values you want for the Days, Hours, and Minutes for either Policy Refresh Schedule or Settings Refresh Schedule.


Click Apply to change the settings.

If you want to go back to the default values, click the Reset button on this page.

Device Inventory

The Device Inventory settings enable you to configure the schedule for inventory scans and configure the rollup settings for hardware inventory (see Figure 6.7).

Figure 6.7. Device Inventory configuration view.

To specify the schedule for the inventory scan on a specific date, or dates, for devices in the Management Zone, follow these steps:


Click on the desired schedule type. The options include the following:

  • No Schedule

  • Date Specific

  • Day of the Week Specific

  • Monthly

The various scheduling types are described in more detail in the following sections.


Select Apply to have the schedule applied.

No Schedule Type

The No Schedule type prohibits the scan from occurring. This is the default schedule when the ZENworks Linux Management system is installed.

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