Searching PDFs over the Internet

We discussed performing simple searches and creating and searching multiple PDF indexes in Chapter 7, PDF Document Management. Searches for, and through, PDFs can also occur over the Internet. Here s how:

  1. Choose Edit > Search or simply click the Search tool .

  2. The Search PDF panel will appear (usually to the right of the Document panel). Click the Search PDFs On The Internet link located at the bottom of the Search panel. A second Search PDF panel will appear (Figure 10.8; look for the Powered By Google logo).

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    Figure 10.8: The Search PDF panel

  3. Type in the word or phase for which you would like to search.

  4. Click the Search The Internet button .

When you use the Search PDFs On The Internet capabilities, remember that you are searching PDFs located all over the Internet. There are millions of them out there, so it s a good idea to use qualifiers to narrow your search. For instance if you are looking for information on Corvettes in the Omaha area, instead of just looking for Corvettes, you might search for certain years and locations such as Chevrolet, Corvette, 1963, Omaha. By specifying Chevrolet Corvette, you will eliminate any references to Corvette boats, which are used by the Australian Navy.

The good news is that the Internet Search function used by Acrobat uses Google, which as of this writing is by far the best, meaning it delivers the most useful results of any search engine I have seen.

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