In the cookie that is a Web page, images are the chocolate chips. And as we all know, the best cookie strikes just the right chip-to-cookie ratio ”too many chips is as bad as none at all. (Replace with your favorite ratio-balancing analogy: pizza crust:cheese, peanut butter: jelly , RAM:processor speed, or longevity:fun, for example.)

The issue is not just whether you use graphics or how many you use, but why you use them. Do the images add something useful to your page ”like photos of people the page is by or about or images of products and places described ”or are they mere decoration? An image or two added for the sake of style is worthwhile, but only if the image succeeds in actually enhancing style. If the image seems like a generic one dropped there merely for the sake of having an image, dump it. Dress your page with careful text formatting, the natural beauty of solid organization, and strong writing.

Sams Teach Yourself Internet and Web Basics All in One
Sams Teach Yourself Internet and Web Basics All in One
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