Hover your cursor over the buttons in the CSS Objects palette for a description of each.

GoLive now offers support for using prebuilt, drag-and-drop CSS block objects, which define a style for an entire page, controlling the flow of text into columns and sections on your page. The prebuilt blocks are especially useful if you're new to CSS or if you want to implement some of the more complex CSS styles and features. The particular layouts offered in GoLive are those popular layout styles so often found on web pages these days: a static left and right column with a liquid center that adjusts as the page size is adjusted. This technique is particularly useful when you create content for mobile and portable devices that have very small screen areas. The CSS Layout Objects are available in the Objects palette, as shown in Figure 37.29:


Double-click a CSS Objects button to add it to your web page at the insertion point, or drag and drop the CSS Object, as shown in Figure 37.30.

Figure 37.30. Insert a CSS Object on your page.


Insert content into the preformatted object space, as shown in Figure 37.31.

Figure 37.31. Insert content into the CSS Layout Object.


The content is formatted using the DIV tag and all the CSS styles appear in the CSS palette, as shown in Figure 37.32. Open the CSS Editor and edit the styles to customize the content for your site, as shown in Figure 37.33.

Figure 37.32. Styles from the CSS Objects appear in the CSS palette.

Figure 37.33. Use the CSS Editor to edit the CSS styles for the CSS Objects.

Figure 37.29. The CSS Objects palette.

Cascading Style Sheets are an integral part of most websites these days because they enable you to exercise the most control over the format and appearance of your web content. GoLive's tools for CSS enable you to implement Cascading Style Sheets easily without the need to learn the entire set of code for CSS.

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