Chapter 24. Directories

    Recipe 24.0.  Introduction

    Recipe 24.1.  Getting and Setting File Timestamps

    Recipe 24.2.  Getting File Information

    Recipe 24.3.  Changing File Permissions or Ownership

    Recipe 24.4.  Splitting a Filename into Its Component Parts

    Recipe 24.5.  Deleting a File

    Recipe 24.6.  Copying or Moving a File

    Recipe 24.7.  Processing All Files in a Directory

    Recipe 24.8.  Getting a List of Filenames Matching a Pattern

    Recipe 24.9.  Processing All Files in a Directory Recursively

    Recipe 24.10.  Making New Directories

    Recipe 24.11.  Removing a Directory and Its Contents

    Recipe 24.12.  Program: Web Server Directory Listing

    Recipe 24.13.  Program: Site Search

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