Answering the following questions will reinforce key information presented in this chapter. If you are unable to answer a question, review the appropriate lesson and then try the question again. Answers to the questions can be found in the appendix.

  1. A client has approached you to assist with the Windows 2000 Active Directory design. What are the design factors that would cause a company to create multiple forests within a single organization?

  2. You're responsible for defining the domain structure for your Active Directory forest. Why do some organizations consider implementing an empty forest root domain as part of the forest structure?

  3. You're attempting to troubleshoot a Group Policy application problem. Group Policy doesn't appear to be following the default application rules. What are some possible reasons that Group Policy isn't working as expected? What tools can you use to troubleshoot the problem?

  4. Should your OU design be based on administrative delegation or Group Policy deployment considerations?

  5. A company has approached you to design an audit policy for their organization. What risks are involved in simply enabling all auditing options?


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