Chapter 1: Introduction


Welcome to Guidelines for Application Integration. Most organizations today use an increasing number of applications and services to solve specific business problems. In many cases, these applications and services exist on different platforms and were created at different times. The challenge that most organizations now face is to provide a method by which these applications can work together to address business goals that constantly evolve.

This guide examines in detail what application integration means and describes the capabilities needed to enable application integration. It discusses the major challenges involved and shows how you can adapt your application integration environment to meet those challenges. It also examines the Microsoft software products and services you can use to help you design your application integration environment.

After reading this guide, you should be able to determine the requirements for application integration in your organization. The guide is not designed to show exactly which technologies to use in your integration solution. Instead, it focuses on the concepts that apply, regardless of the technologies you currently deploy in your environment.

Microsoft Corporation - Guidelines for Application Integration
Microsoft Corporation - Guidelines for Application Integration
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