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  1. Describe the three elements that make up one dot of color.
  2. What is the advantage of interlacing? Is it worth doing?
  3. Should a monitor be turned on and off, or left on all day?
  4. What is the "standard" type of video card used with today's computers?
  5. What is the formula for calculating the required memory for a monitor/video card combination?
  6. What does CRT stand for?
  7. What are HRR and VRR?
  8. Define resolution.
  9. What is bandwidth?
  10. Why is it dangerous to open the monitor's cover?
  11. Name four common sources of video problems.
  12. Explain one similarity and one difference between VRAM and WRAM.
  13. What is a raster?
  14. What type of connector is used for an SVGA monitor?


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Microsoft Corporation - A+ Certification Training Kit
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