Chapter Summary

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The following points summarize the key concepts in this chapter:


  • The CRT (cathode-ray tube) is the main component of a monitor. The slender end of the cylinder contains an electron gun, and the larger end is the display screen.
  • Resolution is a measurement of the detail of images produced by the monitor. It is measured in dots per inch.
  • The monitor is the primary consumer of power in a computer system.
  • A monitor can be dangerous and should never be worked on without being discharged first.

Video Cards

  • The video card is the interface between the expansion bus and the monitor.
  • The PGA, VGA, and SVGA monitors each use a 15-pin, three-row, female DB connector.
  • Coprocessors are used to speed up graphics-intensive displays.

Video Memory

  • The amount of video memory on a display card determines the maximum resolution/color depth that the video card can provide.
  • Several types of DRAM are used for video memory; VRAM and WRAM are used for high-performance displays.

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