Section 1.1. Software Application Business Process

1.1. Software Application Business Process

Before embarking on a porting project, it is important to note which business processes within the application life cycle will be affected. Business processes currently in place must be modified to accommodate the ported application in terms of having a new platform to support, new test environment, new tools, new documents, and (most important) new customers to support and establish relations with.

The three main areas of the application life cycle to consider that may affect the business process are development and testing, customer support, and software application distribution:

  • Development and testing. Within the development and testing organization, personnel must be trained to develop and test on Linux in terms of application programming interface (API) differences, development tools, debugging tools, performance tools, third-party applications needed by the application to be ported, and performance tools.

  • Customer support. Within the customer support organization, support personnel must be trained on Linux system administration, third-party applications needed by the ported application, installation and administration procedures, package maintenance options in the Linux environment, debugging tools and procedures, and anything else that needs to be learned to provide customer support for the ported application.

  • Software application distribution. Within the software application distribution organization, sales and consultants must be trained in overall Linux features and capabilities.[1] Personnel in the software distribution channels must be trained as trainers of the software application in a Linux environment. From a customer's perspective, they will also look for integration skills to integrate Linux within their IT infrastructure.

    [1] Different Linux distributions exist that may require separate training sessions for each.

Porting an application to Linux means modifying business organization processes that can be affected by a newly ported application. The three main areas should be considered and included in the overall project plan before starting the porting process.

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