Chapter 1. Porting Project Considerations

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Software Application Business Process

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The Porting Process

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Defining Project Scope and Objectives

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Creating a Porting Project Schedule

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Porting Process from a Business Perspective

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Annotated Sample Technical Questionnaire

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Application porting refers to the process of taking a software application that runs on one operating system and hardware architecture, recompiling (making changes as necessary), and enabling it to run on another operating system and hardware architecture. In some cases, porting software from one platform to another may be as straightforward as recompiling and running verification tests on the ported application. In other cases, however, it is not as straightforward. Some large applications that were written for older versions of operating systems and compiled with native compilers may not adhere to present language standards and will be more difficult to port, requiring the full attention of project management.

This chapter supplements currently available project management materials and books about application porting projects. Topics such as how to use formalized requirements processes, how to better communicate between software developers, and how to practice extreme project management are topics that modern-day project managers are already well informed of. However, because software development is not exactly the same as porting and migrating software, a gap exists in current publicationsa gap that this chapter addresses.

The focus here is on software porting and migration process details and technical risks. All information in this chapter has been collected and gathered through countless porting engagements. This chapter presents best practices and methodologies to achieve high-quality ported applications. This chapter specifically appeals to those involved in software porting and migration projects, especially project managers and application architects.

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