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game coding complete
Game Coding Complete
by Mike McShaffry ISBN:1932111751
Paraglyph Press 2003 (608 pages)

This text expertly presents, from start to finish, the process of programming commercially viable computer games. It includes hundreds of insider tips and tricks used by programmers who learned their craft on cutting edge titles such as Ultima Online.

Table of Contents
Game Coding Complete
Part I - Game Programming Fundamentals
Chapter 1 - Game Programming is Wacky Because...
Chapter 2 - What's in a Game?
Chapter 3 - "Dumb Stuff" all Game Programmers Should Know
Part II - Get Your Game Running
Chapter 4 - Building Your Game
Chapter 5 - User Interface Programming and Input Devices
Chapter 6 - 2D Stuff Every Game Programmer Should Know
Chapter 7 - Initialization and the Main Loop
Chapter 8 - Loading and Caching Game Resources
Part III - Building Out Your Games
Chapter 9 - 3D Graphics all Game Programmers Must Master
Chapter 10 - 3D Engines
Chapter 11 - Special Considerations for Developing Windows Games
Chapter 12 - Debugging Your Game
Part IV - Professional Game Production
Chapter 13 - The Art of Scheduling
Chapter 14 - Everything (You Hate) to Know About Testing
Chapter 15 - Driving to the Finish
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Game Coding Complete
Game Coding Complete
ISBN: 1932111751
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 139

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