With dozens of tips and code illustrations, plus extensive narration of critical non-code issues, Game Coding Complete is the guide to orchestrating bug-free, high-quality game code that will pass muster with leading game publishers such as Electronic Arts and Microsoft. This book covers all critical facets of game programming, working with teams, selecting the right game architecture, code optimization, and more.

About the Author

Mike McShaffry started programming games as soon as he could tap a keyboard. Shortly after high school graduation he entered the boot camp of the computer game industry: Origin Systems. He worked Martian Dreams, Ultima VII: The Black Gate, Ultima VIII: Pagan, Ultima IX: Ascension, and Ultima Online. Exactly seven years from the day he was hired, Mike arranged his escape and in 1997 formed his first company, Tornado Alley, a garage start-up whose goal was to create No Grownups Allowed, a massively multiplayer world for children. He later worked at Glass Eye Entertainment, working for Monty Kerr, where he produced Microsoft Casino. Ten short months later, Monty asked Mike and his newly assembled team to start their own company called Compulsive Development, which would work exclusively with Microsoft on casual casino and card games. Mike is currently the Head of Software Development for Glass Eye Entertainment.

Game Coding Complete
Game Coding Complete
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