Chapter 4. Layout and Positioning

One of the most important facets of user-interface design is the layout and positioning of elements on the page. The user interface must be pleasing to the eye without being cluttered, and it must enhance productivity through ease of use. Elements should be paired with visual clues such that their use is intuitive, which reduces the amount of learning time required.

One of the primary mechanisms for building an intuitive, usable user interface is layout elements. Layout elements position elements on the screen and insure that they are grouped together in a way that enhances readability. XAML offers a plethora of options for page layout and user-interface construction. Margins, padding, and panels provide basic layout capabilities that can be combined to position elements exactly where you want them on the page.

The largest hurdle to building a user-interface layout is the variation in screen resolution and size among end users. This is especially true for applications loaded in a web browser. There are several mechanisms available through scripting and CSS to counter the layout problems inherent in serving a wide variety of screen resolutions and sizes .

XAML addresses these issues by dynamically sizing elements relative to the size of the page in which they are placed. All XAML elements will stretch to fit their entire container, unless you indicate otherwise. If the default container is a page 800 pixels wide, then all elements added to the page will size themselves to be 800 pixels wide. Similarly, if the page is resized, the elements will dynamically resize themselves to fit the page.

While this resizing behavior is needed to handle varying window sizes, it isn't necessary for elements to take up the entire screen. This chapter examines the XAML elements and attributes that control the layout and size of elements on the page while maintaining the flexibility that dynamic sizing offers.

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