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WAT (Web Site Administratin Tool)
WAV audio, playing
web application
     database access for
     displaying database records individually
     displaying interactive tables
     number of people using web site
     site maps for navigation of
     standardized layout for
     storing user specific information
web browser, adding to application
web page coding model
web server
web services, default instances of
Web Site Administration Tool [See WAT]
web sites
     #ziplib library
     ASP.NET compilation and deployment, white paper
     blogs on XPathNavigator
     discussion groups
     generics, whitepaper about
     MSDN SQL Server 2005 Developer Center
     NDoc application
     number of people using
     online tutorials for XPath, XQuery, XML Schema
     provider-agnostic coding, whitepaper about
     tutorial on XML schema
     Visual Studio 2005 developer center
web.config file 2nd
web.sitemap file
WebBrowser control
WebRequest class
While loops, skipping to next iteration of
window, console
     background color, setting
     caption for, setting
     cursor in, determining position of
     cursor in, moving
     foreground color, setting
     moving buffer area of
     playing beep in
     reading a key press
     resetting foreground and background colors
     setting cursor position
     setting size of
     size of, setting
     visibility of cursor, setting
WindowHeight property, Console class
Windows application
     adding web browser to
     asynchronous tasks, handling
     AutoComplete for TextBox and ComboBox
     cleanup after shutting down
     communicating between forms
     DataGridView control 2nd 3rd
     double-buffering for drawing code
     layout controls
     MenuStrip and ContextMenuStrip controls
     multiple startups, preventing
     playing system sounds
     playing WAV audio
     shutting down, controlling
     split windows
     ToolStrip control
     validating user input
     window layout controls for
Windows event log, logging to
Windows recycle bin, sending files or directories to
Windows XP theme, controls supporting
WindowWidth property, Console class
WMA files, playing
WrapMode property, DataGridViewCellStyle class
write-only properties, split accessibility and
WriteAllBytes( ) method, FileIO object
WriteAllText( ) method, FileIO object
WriteEntry( ) method, Log object
WriteToServer( ) method, SqlBulkCopy class

Visual Basic 2005(c) A Developer's Notebook
Visual Basic 2005: A Developers Notebook
ISBN: 0596007264
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 123

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