Part 3: Appendixes

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Appendix List

Appendix A: E-Business on Demand

Part Overview

  • Appendix A, "e-business on demand" on page 259

    Explains how you can integrate heterogeneous systems and platforms using a roadmap that incorporates:

    • Java and open standards

    • Linux

    • Web services

    • Grid computing

    • Autonomic computing

    • Utility computing

    Details key IBM products designed to get you there, including the following core recommended as your best starting point:

    • WebSphere Studio, Application Server, and Business Integration Server

    • DB2 Universal Database and Information Integrator

    • Lotus Discovery Server, Domino 6, and Lotus Instant Messaging

    • Tivoli Identity Manager

    • Rational Rose® and XDE

  • Appendix B, "Using WebSphere Portal" on page 383

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