redata searches the REBASE database for information on a specified restriction enzyme.

Here is a sample session with redata:

% redata Search REBASE for enzyme name, references, suppliers etc. Restriction enzyme name [BamHI]: Output file [outfile.redata]:

Mandatory qualifiers:

[-enzyme] (string)

Enter the name of the restriction enzyme you want to examine. The names often contain an "I". This is a capital letter "i", not a numeric "1" or the letter "l". The names are case-independent (AaeI is the same as aaei).

[-outfile] (outfile)

Output filename.

Advanced qualifiers:

-[no]isoschizomers (boolean)

Show other enzymes with this specificity (isoschizomers).

-[no]references (boolean)

Show references.

-[no]suppliers (boolean)

Show suppliers.

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