Subscribing to a Podcast with iTunes

Subscribing to a podcast with iTunes is not much different than in any other aggregator. It's just a little simpler.

To subscribe to a podcast with iTunes:


Browse to the desired podcast in the iTunes Music Store.


Click the Subscribe button (Figure 25.33).

Figure 25.33. Browse to the desired podcast in the iTunes Music Store. Click Subscribe.


If necessary, confirm that you want to subscribe in the alert box that appears (Figure 25.34).

Figure 25.34. Confirm that you want to subscribe to the podcast by clicking the Subscribe button.


Click the Podcasts item in the Source list in iTunes' left column to see the podcasts to which you've subscribed (Figure 25.35).

Figure 25.35. Click Podcasts in the Source column to see the podcasts to which you are subscribed. Listen to or watch a podcast by double-clicking an episode's name. Note that when you (or your visitors) first subscribe, iTunes automatically downloads the most current episode and lets you (or your visitors) choose whether or not to download earlier episodes (by clicking the Get button).


  • You can subscribe to a podcast through iTunes even if it has not been submitted to the iTunes Music Store, or if it has been submitted so recently that it doesn't show up when you search for it. To do so, choose Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast and then type in the URL of the desired podcast's feed. This is a great way to test that your feed works properly before submitting it to the iTunes Music Store.

  • iTunes does not currently support text-only RSS feeds. It does support podcasts with audio, video, and PDF files.

  • You can have iTunes download your podcasts automatically. You can have it upload podcasts to your iPod automatically as well.

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