Subscribing to an RSS Feed

It's not a bad idea to subscribe to your own RSS feed so you can make sure it's working properly.

To subscribe to an RSS feed:


Right-click or Control-click the RSS feed link and choose Copy Link Location (or whatever your browser calls it) to copy the RSS feed's URL (Figure 25.30).

Figure 25.30. Don't click the Feed link. Instead, right-click or Control-click it and choose Copy Link Location (or however it's called in your browser) to copy the RSS feed's URL.


Open your aggregator.


Choose the Subscribe command (however it is named) (Figure 25.31).

Figure 25.31. Click the Subscribe button or choose the Subscribe command in your news aggregator.


Enter (by typing or pasting) the URL of the RSS feed to which you want to subscribe.


Click Subscribe (Figure 25.32).

Figure 25.32. Type or paste the feed's URL in the New Subscription box and click Subscribe.


  • The illustrations shown are from NetNewsWire for Macintosh. Other aggregators (with the exception of iTunes, page 397) look and work in much the same way.

  • Some aggregators automatically put the contents of the Clipboard (that is, whatever you just copied) in the URL box, saving you from typing or pasting.

  • Once you are subscribed to an RSS feed, your aggregator will check the feed periodically for updates and download these automatically for your reading pleasure.

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