Section 2.3. Displaying Slideshows

2.3. Displaying Slideshows

Once the photos are transferred to your iPod photo, you can view a slideshow of the photos by selecting the photo album that you want to view (see Figure 2-12).

Figure 2-12. Viewing photos on your iPod photo

The "Slideshow Settings" menu allows you to set the various options pertaining to slideshows (see Figure 2-13). For example, you can set the number of seconds to display for each slide, the music to play for the slideshow, as well as the type of TV signal to use (PAL or NTSC).

Figure 2-13. Setting slideshow options

Set the "TV Out" option in the "Slideshow Settings" screen to "Ask" so that every time a slideshow is selected, you will be asked to select the slideshow mode (whether to display on the iPod photo or on a TV).

Once a photo album is selected, you will see a series of thumbnails of your photos (see Figure 2-14). You can use the Click Wheel to select the photo you want to view.

Figure 2-14. Selecting the photo to view

There are two things you can do here:

  • Select a photo and press the Select button. In this case, the selected photo will be displayed in the full screen. To transit to the next photo, touch and move the Click Wheel in the clockwise direction (or press the >>| button). To go back to the previous photo, move in the anti-clockwise direction (or press the |<< button).

  • Select a photo and press the Play button. In this case, you will start a slideshow of the photo album. If you set the "TV Out" option in the "Slideshow Settings" item to "Ask", you will then be asked to select the slideshow mode - TV Off, or TV On (see Figure 2-15).

Figure 2-15. Starting a slideshow

Select TV Off if you want to view the slideshow on the iPod photo. Select TV On if you are displaying the slideshow on a TV.

2.3.1. Using background music for slideshows

You can set background music to go along with your slideshow. In the "Slideshow Settings" screen, select Music. Select the playlist that you want to use (see Figure 2-16).

If you synchronize your iPod photo with iPhoto, you will see an additional "From iPhoto" item in Figure 2-16.

Figure 2-16. Selecting slideshow music

Your slideshow will now display accompanied by the songs in the selected Playlist.

You can create your own Playlist in iTunes and then drag-and-drop songs from the Library (see Figure 2-17).

Figure 2-17. Creating your own Playlist in iTunes

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