Section 2.2. Photo Syncing using iTunes 4.7

2.2. Photo Syncing using iTunes 4.7

You can use iTunes to synchronize your photos on your Mac with your iPod photo. First, connect your iPod to your Mac. In iTunes, locate the iPod photo and click on the iPod icon at the bottom of the screen (see Figure 2-2).

Figure 2-2. Using iTunes

2.2.1. Synchronizing with a folder

In the Photos tab, check the "Synchronize photos from" tab and select the folder that stores your photos (see Figure 2-3). In my case, I have stored my photos in a folder on the Desktop called "My Photos".

Figure 2-3. Setting the photo synchronization options

By default, iTunes will copy all the photos (including subdirectories) into the iPod.

However, you can check the "Copy selected folders only" option if you want to selectively copy the folders you want. In this case, you simply check the folders you want to copy (see Figure 2-4).

Figure 2-4. Selecting the folders to synchronize

Note that when iTunes copies your photos to the iPod photo, it does not copy the full-resolution versions of your photos by default. That is, it compresses your photos so that they are just sufficient to display on your iPod. In Figure 2-3, I have checked the "Include full-resolution photos" option so that iTunes will copy the full-resolution of my photos. This is useful when you are performing a backup of your photos, or are intending to use your iPod photo to transfer your photos to another computer.

Note that you must enable your iPod photo for disk use (see Figure 2-5) (so that your iPod can be mounted as a drive on your Mac) if you want to access the full-resolution photos.

Figure 2-5. Enabling the iPod to be used as a hard disk

To locate the full-resolution copies of your photos in your iPod photo, double click on the iPod icon on your desktop and examine the Photos folder (see Figure 2-6).

Figure 2-6. Examining the folders containing your photos in the iPod photo

Do not delete the Thumbs folder! The Thumbs folder contains the actual thumbnail-size images used by iPod photo. If you delete it, your iPod photo will no longer be able to display the photos. And you may subsequently have problems in synchronizing with iTunes.

If you experience problems with your iPod photo after deleting the Thumbs folder, see the section on Section 2.10.

To view the copied photos on your iPod photo, go to your iPod photo and select Photos (see Figure 2-7) and you will see the following menus:

  • Slideshow Settings

  • Photo Library (the Photo Library item contains the complete set of photos)

  • Birthday Photos

  • Japan Trip Photos

Navigate to the photo album you want to view and press the Select button on your iPod photo.

Figure 2-7. Viewing the photos on your iPod photo

To view a photo in full screen, select the photo and press the Select button again (see Figure 2-8).

Figure 2-8. Viewing a photo in full screen

2.2.2. Synchronizing with iPhoto

Besides synchronizing with a folder on your Mac, you can also synchronize your iPod photo with iPhoto. This is useful for transferring photos from your digital camera to your Mac and then to your iPod photo.

You need iPhoto 4.0.3 and above if you want to synchronize photos using iPhoto.

To synchronize with iPhoto, in the iPod options window, select the Photos tab and check the "Synchronize photos from" option and select iPhoto (see Figure 2-9).

Figure 2-9. Synchronizing your iPod photo with iPhoto

Note that if you have previously chosen to synchronize from a folder and now change to synchronize with iPhoto (or if you change from iPhoto to a folder), all the photos on your iPod photo will be deleted.

In the warning dialog that follows, click OK if you want to delete all your current photos in your iPod photo (see Figure 2-10).

Figure 2-10. All existing photos on the iPod photo would be deleted if you change the synchronization option

You will now be able to choose to copy all photos and albums, or selectively copy the selected albums only (see Figure 2-11). Check the "Include full-resolution photos" option to copy the photos in their full-resolutions.

Figure 2-11. Selecting the albums to snychronize

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