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Although varying-sized parameters lists are available with *, Ruby does not have Python's ** for keyword arguments. Currently, keyword arguments are only available in a limited sense by passing a hash in as a single parameter. In such a case, the enclosing braces may be omitted.

Ruby allows for a special block parameter, indicated by the & prefix.


 def doit(*args, &code)*args) end doit(1,2,3){ |*x| puts "You sent me #{ x.size}  values." } # Output: You sent me 3 values. 

Ruby does not cache method definitions as Python does. Even default arguments are evaluated for each call.


 class Foo  def val(); 2; end  def show(v=val())  puts v  end end    # 2 class Foo  def val()  3  end end    # 3 




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