Record and Edit Transactions Using Scheduled Bills Deposits

Record and Edit Transactions Using Scheduled Bills & Deposits

As your bills and scheduled transactions become due, you can add them to your account registers, unless you indicated when you set them up for Quicken to automatically enter them in your account registers. You can also edit them or skip an instance of a transaction. When you enter account transactions from the Scheduled Bills & Deposits section of the Cash Flow Center, they are automatically added to the appropriate account register. If you download transactions, the transactions appear on the Downloaded Transactions tab in the account register. You can then add the transactions to your register. You designate when bills and scheduled transactions show up on the list when you set up the account.

Record Transactions Using Bills and Scheduled Transactions

From the account bar, click Cash Flow Center and then scroll down to the Scheduled Bills & Deposits section.

To record a transaction in the account register, click Enter.

Review the transaction information to ensure it is correct and make changes, if needed. For example, if you make online payments, click Add a Web Page Address to enter the web address. You can then go online to make your payment by clicking the address.

Click Enter Transaction or Enter (what you click depends on the transaction type). Any changes you make apply to only the current transaction, not to all future transactions.

Click Cancel to take no action. The transaction remains on the list until you are ready to record it.

Click Skip to remove a transaction from the list for this period. It reappears the next time it is due.

Repeat steps 15 for each bill or transaction you want to add to your account registers.

Edit Future Instances of Transactions

To edit all future instances of a transaction, from the Scheduled Bills & Deposits section of the Cash Flow Center, click Edit next to the transaction you want to update.

Make any changes needed; for example, adding a web address for a bill that is paid online.

To add or change scheduled transaction options, such as changing from calendar days to business days for the number of days before you are reminded the transactions is due, click Options.

To disregard any changes you made, click Cancel. The transaction remains as it was before you opened the Edit All Future Transactions window.

To save changes you made, click OK. Quicken applies the changes you made to all future instances of the transaction you edited.

See Also

See "Managing All Your Scheduled Transactions" on 147 for more information on adding and editing scheduled transactions.

For Your Information

To delete a transaction, you use the Scheduled Transaction List window. Refer to the task "Manage All Your Scheduled Transactions," later in this chapter, for more information.

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